Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge/ Security deposits

As I cruise threw the web about our lodge I have seen 3 claims of Guest stating we keep guest deposit. We are the very first Great Lodge in Hocking Hills. 5700 Sq Ft of Comfort, family fun and Endless entertainment. We have over 500 -5 Star reviews. And Have had around 50000 guest pass through Tara’s front door. I can assure you as the owner and propieter of the Grand Tara that We do not want your deposit. Nor do I need your deposit. 3 guest out of 50000 plus. These same individuals who have claimed we wanted there deposit also gave a poor review. If This was true about our Lodge how can we be the busiest lodge in Hocking Hills for 10 straight years? How can we have so many guest that return year after year? How are we booked every single summer from May thru September with hardly an opening? How havent we had an open weekend at anytime of the year for 10 straight Years. LOOK! If I keep any of your deposit someone in your group had to Smoke inside the lodge, damage something, or just did not take care of our Beautiful facility. It is that simple. Nothing More and Nothing less. We love and appreciate all our wonderful Guset. Yes we do!

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4 Responses to Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge/ Security deposits

  1. Sarah Devlin says:

    You did not keep my deposit! We have a wonderful experience there!

    • Sarah Thank You. Really I dont keep anyones damage deposit or security deposit. Honestly, Why would I. Why would anyone. I literally have to force myself to do so. I try so hard not to I really do. I just want guest to be responsible and friendly. Today is just different. Itkeeps getting more and more difficult. I do want to say we have been blessed with so many great customers like you and so many others who still care about others as well as respect others like the golden rule states. I am so thankful and humbled by so many great customers. It is very refreshing to know that people still care. Thanks so much Kelly aT Tara

  2. Sarah Devlin says:

    You did not keep my deposit! We had wonderful experience there!

    • Sarah The truth of th matter is out of 55000 guest passing thru Tara’s Doors … I have maybe! MAYBE had to kep part of 7 to 8 guest deposits and maybe 2 or 3 total deposits. believe me when I say They desrved it when I did. First off why would i want someones deposit? I just want nice respectful guest nothing more nothing less… the funny thing is the few that didnt even care what they did are the exact ones who have left negative comments. They come in disrespect, and mistreat the property and then try there best to ruin our reputation and hurt our Business. It is Truly hard to put my head around… But hey we keep pushing on because almost all our guest are just fantastic… and I just want to thank them all …you all know who you are… Thanks so much and we are certainly gracious.

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