Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge official Member HH luxury Lodging Association.

Some have tried to claim we are on a congested   road way. Really? WEll we have a few cars here and there like any Beautiful Country road. That is why its called a road. THe Truth tho is we are located on 93 South 8 miles from the City of Logan. 8 miles to Old mans Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Conkles Hollow and MUCH MUCH more. These claims are ridiculous…. our location is the premier location in Hocking Hills. WHen you are the Top Dog for so long some want to bring you down. WE have more bookings in July 2018 then most have in 2017. THere is a good reason why? Our location is perfect. Thats right perfect.? WE were voted BEST location in Hocking Hills for any luxury Lodge.Thats right we are in the Heart of It All!

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