Ohio Luxury Lodging Grand Tara Lodge

The Grand Tara Is the Original and has always set the Standards for Luxury , Comfort and Family Fun. Some of The Local Lodges Would like you to think they are offering Something The Grand Tara Doesnt Offer, However The Truth is They can’t come close. We not Only give you ALL the Home comforts but Much Much Much More ..or you would propbably just stay home. Yes The Grand Tara Lodge Has always Supplied our Very Important Guest Coffee Filters, Shampoo, Conditioner, hand soaps, dishwasher fluid etc. etc. But the difference is we offer our guest Much More! 7 large spacious bedrooms with a King in each room 8 Twin beds and all the amazing Amenities of any lodge anywhere in Ohio and beyond. Then we Awe you with Unequaled amounts of first Class Entertainment from Toddlers to Adults. You dont need to call and ask us to heat  Our 18 x 36 ft Inground pool … It is always heated to a comfy 85 degrees. Our Beautiful walking trails …of course they are groomed and well kept. We have been the #1 Booked lodge in Hocking Hills for 8 straight years. Please go to Homeaway and look at our customers amazing reviews. Our amazing property is beautifully groomed and maintained. Oh yea and If you need to to go to the store or want to go Hiking or experience all Hocking Hills has to offer It wont be a 30 to 40 minute drive…because The Tara is exactly in the Heart of it All… 8-10 minutes to all the caves, parks and many other Beautiful Outdoor places Hocking Hills has to offer  and Just 8-10 minutes to all the Stores for groceries etc. Odds are you wont even want to leave because The Grand Tara Itself is Your Family Vacation.053

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