Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge Newest customer review

Another Great review from our customer who just left today July 22 2014                                Kelly,

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip this weekend.  I had hoped to sit down with some coffee and write in the comment book – but just ran out of time after getting everything packed up.  But I did want to make sure you knew how much we loved the lodge!  We travel with this group of friends every year – this is the 4th year we’ve done it and this was by far, our favorite place.  It had plenty of room for us all and we didn’t even have enough time to do everything the ledge had to offer . The kids LOVED Cinnamon and the pool was fantastic.  The fact that it is heated for free is a HUGE plus!!
The rec room in the basement is an amazing space for kids to run around and for the adults to hang out and keep the rest of the house quiet after babies go to bed.IMG_9683Tara Pool
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1 Response to Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge Newest customer review

  1. Thanks Amy … We appreciate very much that you and your family had such a great time…. I have been told by many guest that there last stay at another hocking Hills lodge resulted in charges for heating of the pool…..and the price was outrageous as well as there stay … come To Tara We will always treat our guest fairly.

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