Grand Tara Lodge / Lets clear things up

tara pictures 291photograhpy 026tara pictures 038tara pictures 184Good afternoon Patrons , Family and Friends…                         I would like to clear some incidentals up on some claims I see our competitors making. We enjoy Honest competition and Honest enterprise. Competition makes good business for all especially  guest and creates new and better places to stay for people who come to the hocking hills. First off there is NO star rating system in the Hocking Hills except and The Good thing about HA and VRBO it cannot be manipulated. It has to be a guest who stayed. Now that we cleared up that misleading claim. The next claim…Who has the largest Theater Screen in the Hocking Hills? Well I will be frank   The Grand Tara Lodge …Period and we also have the Newest and most up-to date state of the art… Crystal clear Theater. It is BRAND NEW!… Claim #3. Entertainment inside and out. … The Claim is … There is little left to be desired inside and out….That would be true …IF! you haven’t been to The Grand Tara Lodge. Tara has 8 to 10 times the USABLE land. Tara has Outdoor Volley ball,Horse shoes, Tether-ball, Professional Soccer net, Basketball, Crochet, Boci ball, Badminton, Professional Corn hole Boards along with the Largest Commercial in ground heated pool In Hocking Hills (26,000 Gallons)… European spa , Out door Barrel Sauna and the list goes on. .. Inside well We dont have enough paper and time to tell you. So go to The website and compare . We are the #1 most booked lodge in Hocking Hills for 5 straight years.  2015 will be #6.. they could cut there prices in 1/2…. However you still be left with less… Of the best in The Hocking Hills.   You will also notice on our website we Have one lodge … The Grand Tara… we are not distracted from helping 2,3,4,5,-10 different customers(Lodges and Cabins) at once. We serve Tara’s very special guest 1 group at a time. So please come and stay and see why we are the #1 booked lodge in Hocking Hills

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