Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge 2015

tara pictures 270Hocking Hills 2015 Grand Tara Lodge … I know it might seem early but if you Have dates you want for 2015 you better book Now. The Grand Tara Lodge is beginning to fill up for 2015 summer already. To us that is no big surprise we have been the #1 booked lodge 5 years in a row and for Good Reason. The Grand Tara has the Largest (26000) gallon private heated pool in Hocking Hills. We also have the most entertainment of any lodge in Hocking. Along with the largest bedrooms and comfort and Amenities regardless of price or what other lodges may claim. Tara has 7 king beds in seven oversize rooms and Much More… Please compare what you get for the price and you will come running. We also have plenty of beautiful land.

Tara Pool

Tara Pool

tara pictures 184

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2 Responses to Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge 2015

  1. Chris Torongeau says:

    I can see why it’s the number 1 booked lodge in the area!! Incredible amount of room and almost too much to do there without even leaving the property!!! The caves are just an extra! Lol!

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