Grand Tara Lodge Customer Comment/ February 23 2014

Good Afternoon,

We have arrived home after our weekend at Grand Tara. I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time. It was so nice for our whole family to be together to celebrate my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary. We all wished we could have stayed longer, and agreed if we could ever work out our schedules again, we’d love to return. My not quite 2 year old nephew loved watching the horse, which he called “camel” all weekend. We tried to get him to say horse, but he wouldn’t. It was “Camel”. I think your horse has a new name. LOL

We were pleased with the cleanliness and condition of the house itself. It was very homey and we were very comfortable during our stay. We had everything we needed. I do have a couple of comments/suggestions that I failed to write down before we left this morning. In the kitchen, the potholder mitts need to be replaced. The ones that are there are “well-used” and worn out. The padded area on the mitts is almost completely worn away, and are not safe to use. We used folded dish towels while there. The only other suggestion is better lighting. There were some areas that just felt very dark. We finally found the light switches for most of the lights in the basement. The lighthouse lamp in the basement bedroom did not work. Some of the family sleeping upstairs also commented on the lighting, but I am not sure which rooms.

We tried to leave the house as you wished. If there were any problems, please let me know. Thank you for allowing us to stay at Tara. It was a very special weekend for my parents and family.


Moriah Crawford
Grand Tara Lodge Hocking Hills

4:29 PM February 23,2014 .. You are very welcome and it is families just like your that we love to have at Tara Thanks for the Comments we will replace the Mitts Immediately and check the lighting.. Hope you and your family can come again soon.. P.S.The horses Name is Cinnamon
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