Hocking Hills 5 star ratings on Homeaway.com and vrbo.com Grand Tara Lodge

It is quite interesting to note that many of the so called 5 star lodges that list themselves as such are not on homeaway or vrbo.com…There is a good reason. Here is the reason …because they can NOT manipulate the comments on homeaway.com or vrbo.com. The customers give there rating and that is it. You cant change what they say…you can only respond….you also can NOT make up your comments (falsify) them..because you must have an id to go with your booking…Once they make there comment and rate you… you cannot change that …you cant delete it and you can’t block it …so that you always have a 5 star rating…. Many of our competitors know that on homeaway you cant manipulate the star rating….Is that true about trip advisor? or can you pick and choose the comments you want people to see. Here at the Grand Tara we have 5 star ratings from our customers …we cant make this up and we cant delete bad comments…..Ask yourself before you book….IS my CHOICE OF BIG LODGING REALLY 5 STAR?… or are they just in the cover-up business where everyone is 5 star….They even build websites that give them a 5 star rating..(hockinghillscabinratings.net)that is right.. there own 5 star rating by the developer and owner of the website and lodge. The truth is there is no rating system in the Hocking Hills and that is the real Truth…..Here is a Thank You card from a real customer … Would you like us to Verify it …Give us a call we would be Glad to!..740-385-5657IMG_5300viewer

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