Is Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge the Best priced Lodge in the Hills?

Most of our competitors have just recently opened. After a 5 year run as the largest lodge in the HH others are trying to imitate us and our already well Known Entertainment and Amenities. I say try because I yet to see any that can come close to what we offer and for by far the best price. What All of our competitors wont tell you is that there price starts based on 8 or less. Tara starts our priced based on 14 or less on weekdays and 18 or less on weekends. Is it because we dont have as nice a lodge? Nothing could be further from the truth. It is because we didnt spend 3/4 of a million dollars building Tara in the last year or so…..Not that Tara wouldnt cost that today. Therefore we can give you the best price with the most up -to-date amenities and comforts without the incredibly high cost of a massive bank Payment. We keep up to date with everything every year so we look as new as any lodge out there with all the top of the line amenities and more… So dont let them tell you otherwise ….feel free to call and come and compare we will be glad to show you around.tara pictures 034poolareaphototara-pic-013.jpgphotograhpy 026

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