Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge

We again would Like to thank everyone who has and will be staying at The Grand Tara this year and next. We again are the #1 booked lodge in all the Hocking Hills.  We don’t hide our reservation calender…..We want our guest to see our reservation calender so they know what kind of place we operate. Please compare Tara’s booking with any lodge in hocking and you will find we have  more bookings  for 2014 than most have  for 2013. Why? Our incredible attention we give our customers, Super Clean lodge, unbelievable Amenities and Incredible Entertainment and Comfort…which is second to NO  lodge at any cost. The Tara has  7 Very comfortable King size beds and 8 twins all set in very large and spacious PRIVATE ROOMS…No…. you wont find crowed cramped rooms at Tara or bunk beds or pull out couches… “We hate those pull outs and bunks” Just really comfortable cozy beds with 600 count very clean and luxurious linens.  We would also like our customers to compare our price against any other Large lodge in The Hocking Hills…They may claim to cost more because they are better or nicer or have more stuff….They aren’t and they don’t. …What they have is larger bills to pay due to The very absorbent cost to build a lodge of Tara’s caliber to compete…..600k…700k  1 million… mill and a 1/2 ….and they lovingly pass it on to you. Tara was the First very large lodge in Hocking…..Our beautiful and very Modern Lodge was built in 2000 and has upgrades done every year. Are bills are reasonable and we pass it on to our customers …It is that simple.  The Grand Tara Is our only lodge and you are always are #1 customer. We don’t run 3,4,5,6,or 7 other Cabins or lodges…just one… So come and find out what our regular guest already know….Welcome to The Grand Tara Lodge

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