Grand Tara Lodge and the power outage

Think about this the next time you and yours books a lodge in the Hocking Hills. This week the Hocking Hills had a bad storm which incapacitated 99% of the cabins and lodges in the Area. People were mad and upset, grumbling in the local stores that there vacation had been ruined. There is no refund at any of the Cabins or Lodges Just a …(you can back at another time). How about Tara’s customers? Well The Grand Tara has a Grand generator that automatically kicks on 12 seconds after the power goes out. Yes our customers were not only happy but very comfortable in the cozy air conditioned comfort of the 5700 sq ft entertainment and extremely posh comfort of The Grand Tara Lodge…Next time make sure your cabin or Lodge has a back up power system…Just ask the operator. And make sure it is one that comes on automatically Not one that the owner has to drag out of his pole barn when he gets a chance..You could be down for hours. You know the power goes out sometimes in the middle of the night!

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