Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Soaking up in a hot tub with your soul mate in the Grand Tara lodge Evolution Spa is a great way to relax…Ask Uncle Rico!……Weekends for a great getaway from January thru May 2012 are still available but, not for long. Grab any weekend and change the pace for a fun filled relaxing time at The Tara. Bring a few friends or your whole family and just unwind for a couple of days. I am sure you will have a good time ….No doubt …no doubt in my mind!

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1 Response to Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge

  1. Judi says:

    Tara is by far the best place to stay in the Hocking Hills area. There was so much to do there, loved cooking in the kitchen,it was just like home except the Tara stove is much better than my own brand new Jen Air at home. Kelly is a fantastic host, he left the pool open and heated for us, yes we did swim in a sea of steam on a 54 degree night, that was my highlight ! Cinnamon the horse was my grandaughters best friend and my grandson loved the karoke machine. Husband had us all beat on the basketball machine and won’t let us forget it!!! My daughter and son-in-law entertained us on karoke and we will laugh for a long time about that. All in all, a return trip is already in the plans, it was the only way to get the kids to stop crying when we left. Papa told them, we can’t come back if we don’t leave. yea papa, good one! Thanks Kelly for a wonderful time!!!

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