Grand Tara Lodge

The arcade games have arrived and The Tara now has pinball and 60 Games from the 80’s We will post pictures soon

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2 Responses to Grand Tara Lodge

  1. Jean Thobe says:

    Our family truly enjoyed the accomodations at the Grand Tara Lodge. There is so much to do! The pool was used by all and is so clean and well kept. There was a storm that went thru the first night of our stay and the lights flickered on and off several times, but because I knew there was a generator, I was not worried about having no electricity. The pool needed to be reset and Kelly was there soon after we called him. Our whole family is looking forward to going again next year.Thanks again, Kelly.
    The Thobe Family

    • Thanks Jean …Your family is another wonderful addition to our customers. We appreciate greatly how you took great care of her and look forward to seeing you next June. Have a great year Sincerely the Grogans

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