Hocking Hills

The Grand Tara Lodge in the Hocking Hills has 5700 sq ft of vacation blast. The Hocking Hills Grand Tara Lodge has every kind of entertainment you can think of and then some…The Lodge is set up perfectly for large family’s who want to get together but at the same time need privacy also. There is 2 totally separate game rooms that can accommodate a party for kids while the adults can have there own private game room ….Then the next night just switch and start all over again here is a couple of pics of the 2 separate  game rooms…Also the bedrooms are big and private and there is a King bed in each room except one …So come to The Hocking Hills and do a getaway and stay in the Grand Tara Lodge …You Wont regret it!!!

Game Room 2/Foose/Pool/real Darts/Shuffle board/106"HDTV

Game room 1/Dance room/Karaoke/Pacman and More
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5 Responses to Hocking Hills

  1. Christopher Torongeau says:

    This lodge is incredible!! There’s no way to get bored here!!! I’ve never seen a Hocking Hills rental that had so much to do without leaving the house!!! -and the owner is super!!

    • Thanks Chris You and your family are truly special to us….. Kelly

    • Thanks again for your comment…It really is hard to get bored at Tara we just had a family check-out and re book for next summer…They told me the reason why….. It was that there was still things that they wanted to do that they did not have time to do this summer ..They were there for a week …I am not Joking

  2. Jordan says:

    Tara was more than expected. Was out there for the weekend with some friends in the Winter time and there was more than enough to keep us busy inside. So many things to do to have fun, but also very relaxing at the same time with the hot tubs and so many bedrooms. I recommend to any family or group of friends, large or small. Plan on going back soon!

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