Grand Tara Lodge/Ohio Lodge

very cool caves

The Grand Tara Lodge Has lots of yard in front and out back…This pic here is only showing part…It’s time to get out doors and get some warm air to shake off the winter and spring is beautiful here. Bring the family down and play some ball,Volley, Basket ball,soccer,football and just enjoy some fun  in the sun, However If the weather goes south on you dont worry Tara is loaded with entertainment

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2 Responses to Grand Tara Lodge/Ohio Lodge

  1. Cheryl Closson says:

    We were the first guests to rent the Grand Tara and it was the finest vacation rental in Ohio then, and Kelly has made multiple upgrades to what was already an upgraded fantastic place! This was the site of our annual family retreat in June 2009, and it was terrific! Large, beautiful home with all amenities possible: Pool, hot tub, sitting in peaceful acreage that was flat allowing all kinds of outdoor activities from football, to cornhole, horse shoes, whatever! But inside was a super treat – state of the art karaoke, big screen tv, foosball, ping pong, pool table, huge rooms, super round dining table that allowed for interactive games, first class EVERYTHING!!!!! I should not that we are not easy to impress – we have been doing family retreats in Ohio since 1994 and sometimes twice a year: We have never found a place that even comes close to the Grand Tara Lodge. In fact, we have had so many experiences that we are actually building our own website that will rate and critique these vacation experiences around Ohio. And the very special top spot is held exclusively by The GrandTara Lodge. I should also note, that no business or rental property – including the management of GrandTara, were aware of this prior to this posting, so we were not accorded any special treatment by them. This means that every guest is provided the utmost in service and blessed with the best when renting the Grand Tara Lodge. Visit and enjoy – you will want to come back again and again! Our family looked at each other as our retreat at the Grand Tara ended and stated “THIS will be really hard to beat!” Years of wonderful joyous family retreats and experiences made that statement one of fact: With all the places we have been, we give “5 Stars” and “Unbeatable” to The GRAND TARA LODGE.

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