Ohio Lodges

The rains Came ……This week at The Grand Tara Lodge in the Hocking Hills in Ohio….The rain came and watered the hills and filled the creek. Here in South east Ohio that means the Morel Mushrooms will be up soon. We have found some mighty big shrooms here on the Tara’s 16 acres in the last couple years…and were hoping for our best year yet, But even if you dont find the morel’s you can find a good time and lots to do …So come on down and take a getaway weekend…and just maybe you can have a mushroom bonanza…again dont worry …Because If you dont you will be entertained!!!


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3 Responses to Ohio Lodges

  1. Dr. D says:

    The Grand Tara Lodge is a place that has something for everyone . Whenever we are at the Lodge there is never a dull moment , especially when you consider all the relaxing and recreational options you have to dive into . Not to mention it’s location … a pristine country setting in the Hocking Hills with all the “Caves” and town only miutes away . Clearly a wonderful getaway for family and friends ….. designed and maintained by a wonderful family . We can’t wait for our next get together !!!

  2. Jordan says:

    My family and I were out at Tara this past November. The land around Tara was absolutely beautiful. With hiking trails up in the hills it was the perfect place to be for late fall. The house it self is a getaway in its self. So many games to play to keep all 20 of us busy. The kitchen came with everything possible to make that big family dinner. Can’t wait to make it out in the summer some time to swim in the huge pool. Great times at Tara Lodge.

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